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About Ourselves

The journey began in 1977 as ‘STRADIVARIUS’ with a handful of young music enthusiasts, forming a choral group alongwith a few dancers. The group held its first performance at the Calcutta Television centre (Doordarshan) in ’77, the response was very encouraging, more like-minded youngsters joined and enriched the repertoire with their contribution.

In 1978 the Group was christened as "MAMATA SHANKAR BALLET TROUPE". Since its inception, MAMATA SHANKAR BALLET TROUPE have not only produced several noteworthy choreographic presentations over the past two decades but in the process, have also been able to carve a niche for themselves in the performing arts arena. The group has been registered as "MAMATA SHANKAR DANCE COMPANY" in 2006.

Our Style

We follow the style evolved by Uday Shankar, which has the inherent grammar of Classical Indian dance and yet is innovative, contemporary and not shackled with the moors of rigid classicism. The graceful body movements are blended with the idiom of vibrant folk dances of India to attain a statuesque quality of lyricism.

Our Aim

Dance can inculcate the feeling of love & compassion. It gives a meaningful dimension to human emotions. It binds the mind and heart of the youth to the cultural heritage and tradition. Dance prospers love, faith, kinship and understanding. Keeping this in mind our troupe envisages to establish in the near future an institution where Uday Shankar’s method will be used to understand the sense of rhythm, imagination and improvisation. All these will help to develop fellow feeling, discipline, concentration and self-appraisement apart from giving an avenue to discover one’s ownself.

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